2019 Brevet Series

Randonneuring is a sport of adventure that takes place on open roads and under prevailing weather conditions. The events, called brevets, take place over long hours during both day and night and are an extreme test of endurance. They are self-supported long-distance cycling events that celebrates self-sufficiency and require you to be are responsible for your own pace, your own nutrition, your own repairs, and, above all, your own safety.

I have tried to keep the brevets to mostly quiet country back roads, but there are some locations with heavy traffic and those are noted on the cue sheets. There will be some locations with dogs but that can be almost any place out in the country so be careful.

Every rider and volunteer must sign the accident waiver form for each ride. There is no surcharge this year for non RUSA riders.

ANSI or Snell approved Helmets MUST be worn at all times on course.

Routes are not marked but cue sheets will be provided. The phone numbers of the organizer and volunteers will be  on the cue sheet. If you can’t continue on the ride, call to make arrangements for pickup. It is best to have a friend or family member pick you up as it may be a long wait for a volunteer to get to you. If you abandon the ride, be sure to let the organizer know.

Directions to the start of all brevets.
These brevets are held rain or shine – no refunds of entry fees.


Shuttling bags will be available to White Lake on the 600K.
There will be a motel room rented at the half way point and 400km point of the 600K.


Please make checks payable to the North Carolina Bicycle Club (NCBC), and mail to:
Alan Johnson
308 Ashe St.
Morrisville, NC 27560.

Pre-registration is not required, but extremely helpful to the organizers.
Any comments or questions about this brevet site, please e-mail them to Alan Johnson at alanj@live.unc.edu or alanmj@mindspring.com .

For the 300k, 400k and 600k there will be a bike inspection for  at registration. At minimum, a steady burning front and rear lights and reflective gear are required for the 300k through the 600k brevet and recommended  for the 200k. Tail lights must be steady burning and a spare bulb and batteries are required for all lights that use them.

Your bicycle should be in good condition. All riders must carry at least one spare tube and a pump.

Personal sags are not allowed on the route. They are to be met at the designated checkpoints only.
Check the regulations page or RUSA for a complete list of brevet rules.

There will be one motel room rented in Wilmington for the group’s use on the 600k. The new control in Wilmington is at the Red Roof Inn room ???. There will be another room in White Lake at Langston’s Motel room 53 which faces the road.

There will be a minimum amount of food and beverages along the route and most stores are closed at night, so come prepared. There will be limited coverage of the route by organizers, riders are expected to be self-sufficient.

I have added a Tips page with information I hope will be useful for riding the brevets and will add to it as I find more useful tips.


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